What can I sell on Felt?

If you created it and you live in New Zealand, you can sell it on Felt. Items that you list on Felt must be handmade by you. “Handmade” is a pretty tricky thing to define, but here at Felt, we believe that a handmade product:

• is a unique design, designed by you;
• is substantially made by hand by you;
• may contain factory made components, but is assembled by you in a creative way, or in a way requiring unique or special skill; or
• may be originally factory made, but is upcycled or repurposed by you in a unique way.

What can’t I sell on Felt?

Felt is designed as an outlet for New Zealand artists, designers and craftspeople, not as a supermarket or a second-hand shop. Therefore, the following are not allowed on Felt:

• anything mass-produced and unaltered;
• anything that you’re reselling, whether it’s handmade or not;
• anything that does not comply with Felt’s terms and conditions.

Can I sell jewellery made from mass-produced components?

As with all products on Felt, component jewellery must meet with our definition of handmade (see above). So, jewellery using mass-produced components can be sold on Felt, but it must be assembled by you in a creative way. Pre-completed pieces may not be on-sold on Felt. We strongly recommend that you describe your working process in your product descriptions so that buyers can see how you’ve worked on your creations.

Please contact Felt admin if you’re not sure whether your product meets the criteria.