Taking great product shots

Here are our five top tips for making your products shine with great images:

  1. Try to use a clean background, preferably a uniform colour. A sheet (ironed!) hung on a line, a plain curtain or a white wall are good backdrops.
  2. Include multiple photos from varying angles if possible, and at least one photo with the whole product in shot and all edges visible.
  3. Make sure you have reasonable lighting. A flash, standard lightbulbs or direct sunlight can distort colours and create harsh shadows and bright highlights, so are best avoided. Short of studio lighting, bright natural light on an overcast day is the easiest way to get a good result.
  4. Use one of your photos to show an item in context (like a serving suggestion) – ie. if you’re selling an item of clothing, include a photo of someone modelling it. Or if you’re selling a coffee cup you might show it on a shelf or mug hook, or on a coffee table with a magazine. If you do use props, make sure it’s clear in your description that the props are not included!
  5. Include a close-up if possible, to show texture or details.

Felt lets you upload four photos per listing, so here’s a good rule of thumb on how to make the best of them (in no particular order:

  • Standalone item against plain background, with all edges visible
  • Standalone item from a different angle
  • Close-up or detail
  • Item in context

Avoid doing montage images or using filters, frames etc. Remember, simplicity and clarity are the keys to showing off your product at its best. Clear, simple, nicely-arranged and well-lit images, free of filters, watermarks and superimposed text, attract customers’ attention and are more likely to be used by Felt in promotions.

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