How to make the most of a Gift Guide feature

Felt Gift Guides include listings using their unique ID (the number in the listing’s URL). If a listing in the Gift Guide sells out, when you re-list it, the new listing will have a different ID number and will no longer appear in the Gift Guide. It’s therefore important to keep featured listings current for as long as possible, using these tips:

  • If you have multiples of an item, make sure that your quantity on the listing is as high as possible. By keeping the quantity high, you keep the listing current as individual items sell.
  • If you can make an item to order, make your quantity on the listing the number you have the capacity to make within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Keep your shop well stocked. If a visitor lands on a sold listing (or an item sells to another customer while it’s in their shopping basket), Felt will show them a link to your other listings.
  • If a listing expires, it will keep its unique ID when renewed, so the link will still work – make sure that your account is topped up so you’re ready to renew an expired listing.
  • If you get a top up reminder email, don’t hang around! You have two weeks to top up before your shop is suspended, and we don’t want you to miss sales.

It’s not always possible to keep a listing current – you may have one-off items or limited edition items. If you have paid for a feature and the listing sells out, you can request a replacement listing to be added to the Gift Guide by submitting the listing ID of the sold listing. This can be found on your Listing Management page, under the inactive tab. You can also submit a suggested replacement, but be aware that Gift Guide selections are always at Felt’s discretion.

Request a replacement listing here »