How do I list an item?

Once you’re registered as a seller, listing your product on Felt is easy.

On the top menu bar, click sell. If you’re not already logged in, Felt will ask for your login details. If you need to top up your account, you will be reminded at this point. Before you start the listing process, you will need to load a minimum of $10 onto your Felt account, to cover your listing fees and commission.

1. Choose your categories

Use the drop down menu to select the categories your product will appear in. The first category you select is the primary category and is included in the base cost of the listing (50 cents). Each subsequent category you add will cost an additional 30 cents. If you can’t find an appropriate category for your product or you’re not sure where to list it, contact Felt admin for help.

2. Describe your item

On the following page, enter a title and description of your item. Use plenty of accurate descriptive language, and remember to include measurements if the size of your product isn’t obvious. You can also enter up to ten keywords, which are used by the Felt search engine.

3. Price and shipping

Specify the price of your product, the quantity you have in stock and the shipping options available. All prices are in New Zealand dollars.

4. Upload images

Felt allows for up to four images per listing. You must upload at least one clear photo of your item. Felt accepts .jpg and .png formats. Drag and drop your images to rearrange the order they appear in your listing. You’ll find more information about image formats and sizes here, and tips for taking a really great photo here.

5. Submit your listing

Check that all your details are correct and that your photos look fab – if it’s good to go, click submit and you’re away. Your first five listings must be approved by Felt moderators before appearing on the site – moderation will take place by the end of the next working day, so your moderated listings may not be visible to the public until this time.

If you have any more questions about listing your creations please contact us.