How do I contact a seller?

If you have an enquiry for a Felt seller, you can contact them through their shop using the “contact” link. You must be logged in to Felt to send or receive messages.

If you’ve made a purchase and wish to contact the seller, log in to your account and click on purchases in the top username dropdown menu. To the right of each item on the list you will find a speech bubble to contact the seller.

Please note that it is against Felt’s terms and conditions to use the messaging feature to exchange contact details (including email addresses or URLs) or to conduct a transaction that bypasses Felt’s checkout. If you need to exchange images or files with a seller, please use to do so.

To send photos to a seller, on the WeTransfer site enter your own email address as the sender and recipient, then copy the resulting link and message it to your seller via the Felt contact system. All you’ll need to say is something like “Here’s the WeTransfer link to my images. Copy and paste the link into your web browser address bar, and then follow the instructions on the site to download the images.”

If there’s anything else we can help with, please contact us.