Can I customise my shop?

Add a shop profile picture

To add a profile picture to your shop, go to My Account » Edit Your Public Profile (under Profile). This image appears above your shop name as part of your shop brand. To upload a new profile picture, your chosen image needs to be at least 500 pixels by 500 pixels*, and in JPG or PNG format.

*Please note that our previous size requirements of 158px x 75px have recently changed to the specifications above. Existing profile pictures still display at their original size, however this will be phased out and we recommend updating your profile picture to meet the new size requirements.

Write a shop header

This is a short introductory paragraph about your shop, which appears above your listings. To add a shop header to your Shop page, log in and go to My Account » Shop Header (under Shop Admin).

Include a shop quote and news

You’ll see you can also add a quote and your shop news at My Account » Shop Header. These appear in the right hand column of your Shop page. Find an inspirational quote that sums up your maker ethos, and remember to update your shop news regularly!

Add your profile

If you’d like to talk in a bit more detail about yourself and what you make, you can do this on your Profile page. Shoppers can navigate to this from the link on the left hand side of your Shop page or listings. To add a profile to your shop, just log in and go to My Account » Edit Your Public Profile (under profile).

If you have any questions please contact us.