The Kiwi Diary 2011 – order yours now!

The Kiwi Diary 2011

The Kiwi Diary 2011 is New Zealand’s very own almanac, a treasure trove of local culture showcasing established and emerging Kiwi artists, writers and poets. The diary concept has been improved and pimped up to create a new breed of diary: each page transformed into a vehicle for inspiration with delicious Kiwi recipes, Te Reo, famous Kiwi quotes and historic moments, tips on sustainable living and thought-provoking articles. With this sweet blend of elements creating a new Kiwi umami, the Diary is dangerously addictive – delivering inspirational mindfood that will render the blank-paged ordinary diary a distant memory.

The concept of The Kiwi Diary was born at Te Onetahua, Farewell Spit, way back in Easter 2004. Surrounded by the beauty of the landscape on the wild coast, Annabel Wilson was inspired to create something distinctive that reflected New Zealand’s unique art, culture, environment and heritage. She approached friend Freda Wells about the idea, and the two decided to work together to turn the idea into reality, involving months of research and work for both, alongside their full-time jobs.  That was 2004.  Since then the network of contributors continues to grow, creating an anticipated annual must-have for those keen to keep a finger on the pulse of Kiwi culture.

The Kiwi Diary 2011

The Kiwi Diary 2011

Loved by New Zealanders at home and abroad, The Kiwi Diary is a solid, spiral-bound 250-page diary, printed locally with vegetable-based inks on Forestry-Stewardship certified (FSC) paper. The Kiwi Diary crew walk their talk, donating a percentage of profits to conservation projects in Aotearoa every year.

The perfect gift (just in time for Christmas!), The Kiwi Diary 2011 is a unique publication that will strike a patriotic chord with all New Zealanders. Keep Aotearoa close to your heart, and keep the inspiration cycle flowing, with this piece of top-shelf Kiwi culture. Order yours now!

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