Take a Craft2.0 Workshop in Oriental book binding


With a Fine Arts Degree and many years of experience as a graphic designer, Jan made her first book in 2001. Under the watchful eye of Christchurch book binding tutor Don Hampshire, Jan has developed her skills and become a tutor herself, taking her own studio in 2004.

The Craft2.0 introductory class in book craft is run by Jan of Wyrcan, from 2pm till 4pm on Sunday 7 June at the Arts Centre of Christchurch.

Jan teaches a traditional Asian bookbinding technique using handmade paper and fabric in this workshop. You can choose your materials from a selection of beautiful screenprinted washi paper and pure cotton fabric. Make a special notebook as a gift or a treat for yourself. By the end of the workshop you will have created at least one A5 sized notebook, and learnt the following skills:

• basic use of bookbinding tools: cobbler’s knife, tapestry needle
• stitching as a bookbinding method
• adhering fabric and handmade paper

Each Craft2.0 Workshop costs $60 person, which includes all materials. All equipment is provided. So what are you waiting for? Register online now!

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