Stacks of beautiful rings

Rings on her fingers, bells on her toes… stacks of new jewellery ready to go!

From Zazing, we have these ingenious and intriguing double finger rings, in elegant swooping silver loops. Nikki assures us they are very comfortable and allow the full range of movement. She’s even tested them out typing, doing the dishes, cooking and driving, just to make sure!


zazing 2

And these wee copper lovelies from Ply caught our eye too – what beautiful hammered detail! Kate likes to work in simple hammered textures, as well as using stamped designs like dandelion motifs. She then treats them with patina to bring out the pattern. She reckons it’s so much fun she has to resist doing it to all of them!


ply 2

There are so many beautiful rings on Felt to choose from, made here in New Zealand by our talented jewellers, you can have gorgeous jewellery wherever you go. Have a browse!

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