Spring is in the air!

Butterfly Wall Decor Set by Basics4Life

Spring has sprung here in Christchurch and we are being treated to a profusion of blossom, magnolias and kowhai, and families of tiny ducklings on the Avon. How about the rest of New Zealand? Is it looking gorgeous where you are too?

It’s a beautiful time of year, and these butterflies by Basics4Life are a lovely way to bring a lasting bit of Spring into your home.

Made from glossy photo card, they come in sets of 26 double-winged butterflies with wingspans ranging from 50mm to 80mm. They can be used as wall decor or in floral arrangements or even as table decorations for a Spring themed wedding.

And if butterflies aren’t your thing, there’s all sorts of little bits of Spring on Felt for you to wear, cuddle or send to a friend.

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