Splendid spoils for super Secret Santas

teribear.felt.co.nz songbird.felt.co.nz boocraft.felt.co.nz
bibliographica.felt.co.nz lavender.felt.co.nz littleminx.felt.co.nz
wishingtree.felt.co.nz freedom.felt.co.nz hotchandgruel.felt.co.nz

Handmade Felt Black Bird by Teribear | 2 Custom Button Brooch by Songbird
| 3 Birds of New Zealand 2010 Calendar by Boocraft Designs | 4 Set of 5
Tool Themed Glass Magnets by Bibliographica
| 5 Lavender Handcream – 60gm
by Lavender
| 6 Buttery Flower Zip Wallet by Little Minx | 7 Beaded Christmas
Hangers by Wishing Tree
| 8 Red Wildflowers Japanese Inspired Badge by
Freedom Creative
| 9 Owl Brooch by Hotchpotch & Gruelboy

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