Scent of memory

I inherited my name and, apparently, my love of lavender from my maternal grandmother. It’s a cliché (and not at all true) to say that lavender is an old ladies’ scent, but for me it is absolutely associated with Grandma and childhood holiday visits to Grandma’s house.

Scent is one of the strongest memory triggers we have. My other scent-memory of Grandma’s place is buxus sempervirens – we trimmed the box hedge which ran along the side path for her regularly. I can’t smell buxus now without thinking of the dappled shade of that path and the snick of the hedge shears. The hedge seemed endlessly long then, just as Grandma’s double-brick Victorian house, with its beautiful lacework porch, seemed enormous. (I had a chance to visit it recently and was astounded to find that it was quite an ordinary-sized house.)

Lavender is more than just associated with good memories for me though. I love its freshness and its cool calmness. I can understand why medieval people strewed the rushes on their floor with herbs, believing that they cleansed and purified. Lavender is sweet and strong, without the cloying stickiness of many floral scents. Its scent seems to clean the very air it drifts through and its oil does indeed have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also said to aid relaxation and sleep.


I’m always delighted by the beautiful array of lavender products available on Felt to sweeten and calm my day. There are all sorts of bath and beauty products, lovingly created by our makers, for me to choose from. We even have a whole shop – and another one – dedicated to this glorious scent.

Treat yourself. Indulgence never smelled so sweet.

2 thoughts on “Scent of memory

  1. This is why I am passionate about lavender too. Grandmothers my Nana would pick and sell lavender bunches at the flower market in Christchurch each Christmas along with walnuts and xmas lillies. I guess its instilled in me or is that distilled in me to love lavender.

  2. The lavender colour is very feminine and refreshing, and it is very popular as a closes and footwear colour as well. Here is what my customer wrote me this week making a customised order: “My favorite colour is lavender purples so I would be very happy for you to use that… Jo” I will be very happy indeed, so the new felted lavender slippers for Jo are coming soon.

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