Join the quest for the perfect wave

If you’re swimming in the sea right now, well, you’re a hardy soul and we take our hats off to you. It might be a bit cold for most of us, but we still can’t resist bringing these awesome bodysurfing handplanes to your attention – designed and made here in Aotearoa.

Wood2Water handplanes, created in Russell, feature a recycled polystyrene core wrapped in 100% sustainably harvested paulownia, finished in a water repelling oil/wax blend. In a salute to our Surf Lifesaving teams, they’re decorated in the colours of life saving clubs around New Zealand. Designed with a super concave, they control the flow of water up the face of a wave, turning that energy into lift and down the line speed. The sharp rails and rocker provide real bite and great contact in waves of any condition. No sliding down to the flats on this handplane – just pick your line, kick like crazy and hold on for the ride!


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