Hooray for crafty dads!

As children, my brother and sister and I were instilled with an appreciation for handmade things not only by my mum, who taught us all to sew and knit, but also my dad, whose handcrafted gifts included a boxed magnet set, a huge doll house with interchangeable rooms (which when removed made enough space inside for certain mischievous children to hide – best doll house ever!) and a playhouse, furnished with table and chairs painted bright yellow and blue.

That blue has been a trademark of my dad’s creations over the years. Ever thrifty, he painted each new project with the remaining blue paint from the last project, only to have the paint run out before he was finished, resulting in the purchase of a new tin of the same blue and an unintentional colour theme to our home furnishings.

So with Father’s Day approaching, here’s to crafty dads and their awesome creations! We’ve picked out some super handmade gift ideas below and we’d love to hear your stories – what craft skills did you learn from your dad? What did your dad make when you were a kid?


Fathers Day, Sunday 2 September

1. Fathers Day Card | iDear $6   2. Snoork Cuff Links | Chromatophobic $35

3. All Blacks Art | 11 Post Studio $25   4. My Stache Decal | Miss Dotty $8

5. Builders Pencils | Emma Makes $6   6. Cushion Cover | My Heart Sings $25

7. The Man Shawl | Fat Spatula $95   8. Shaving Soap | Mushroom Lane $15

9. Bloke Soap | Honey and Spice $9


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