Helloooo Halloween!

While the US-based traditions of Halloween don’t have quite the following here in New Zealand that they do in their homeland, some of us still like a good scare once a year, including a fair few of our Felt sellers, it seems.

Love ghost brooch by Implant


Halloween is coming up at the end of the month, so whether your fancy is to go trick or treating with the kids or have a super spooky party at your place, the clever makers of Felt have some great goodies and costumes to bring out the ghoul in us all.


One thought on “Helloooo Halloween!

  1. Kids love Halloween, and they like making things for Halloween. Last year I made few little felted soaps shaped like orange pumpkins and black cats with my little son and gave them away to his friends. He also liked to use them in the shower for many days afterwards, it just reminded him about this Spooky Day.
    Louisa Rull

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