Hello Halloween!

Boo! Halloween’s just around the corner, so we’re taking inspiration from a fabulous Pinterest Board put together by Felt fan Kerri Du Pont. For your education (and survival chances), please pay attention as we present a crafty girls’ guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse…

1. First, you’ll need a record of your schemes.

Oh don’t pretend. You’re a crafty girl, but you’re just brimming with diabolical schemes and mad plans! Something about the apocalypse brings this out in a person. Even so, it’s good to have somewhere to write them down. And things being as they are, there’s a better-than-average chance you’ll need to set a few of those plans in motion. You might need a good, reliable bag to keep these safe, though…


2. …so here’s a bag to keep it in.

The ultimate in practical AND apocalypse noir, this bag will see you through the hard times with a touch of style.


3. But if you’re barricaded in your home rather than on the run

…let’s face it, you’re going to need some coffee. You can’t fall asleep when it’s your turn on zombie watch. Phil of Beans somehow made it through the dark days with you, so make sure you keep in touch and have something to barter for these essential battle-worthy beans.


4. Don’t forget to keep up appearances

Does Doomsday -have- to be doom and gloom? Cheer up the neighbourhood and whip up a batch of mud meringues to share around the campfire! In your bright and gorgeous polkadots you’ll be the happy huttmaker that ALL the camp forces will want to protect!


5. …and hygiene!

What with all that fighting and running and crawling under rocks to hide, the Apocalypse is going to be smelly. We have a few suggestions for that. These little beauties will be good for hiding in nooks and crannies to keep things fresh. Your non-zombie guests will be impressed with your fragrant hospitality! Your zombie interlopers will be repelled by the sweet aromas and steer well clear. Win-win!


6. Because it might just save your (love) life.

Also in the ‘There’s no need for a smelly apocalypse’ category, these gorgeous soaps will make your weekly shower a treat and help keep the rats, bugs and (dare we hope?) mozzies at bay. That cute dumpster diver in the next tent over is sure to find you the most alluring babe in the camp! Use sparingly.


Have a great (and hopefully zombie-free) Halloween everyone! To see all of Kerri’s brilliant guide, check out her Pinterest board here.