Gifts for Guys

Is it just me, or are guys really hard to find cool handmade gifts for? Luckily Felt has some awesome makers of manly merchandise, so we’ve picked out a few gift ideas for guys to make your life easier.

From left to right, top to bottom: 1 Wise Guy Upcycled Vintage Plate by Odd One Out | 2 Oklahoma 1907 Vintage Cufflinks by Relique Vintage Jewellery | 3 Bear by Minu | 4 First Aid Cupboard by Blossom1 | 5 Assassin Design Photo Block by Pink Lizard | 6 The Kiwi Diary 2011 by Kiwi Diary | 7 The Minolta Messenger Bag by Susannah | 8 Luminant Lamp by Jenny Keate | 9 Secret Book: Air Bridge by Ryder Junction

Check out Gifts for Guys for the full selection or visit the Felt Christmas Gift Guide for heaps of other handmade gift ideas!