Future’s so bright I gotta wear shades…

When it comes to colour fashion, New Zealand is in an odd position – that position being, well, the southern hemisphere. What’s odd about living on the flip side, you say? Well, it has to do with the mysterious art of colour forecasting – and living neither in the future nor in the past…

You see, fashionable colours aren’t just drawn out of some designer’s… er… hat. Forecasting is a complex process that begins two years before the season in question. CAUS, the Color Association of the United States, attempts to predict the mood and feel – the zeitgeist – of this future moment and portray it in colours. You can compare the seasonal colours on Pantone’s Fashion Colour Reports. For instance, the colours of the Northern Hemisphere’s 2013 Spring are just a bit brighter than those of 2012 and lack the brown shades.

So a pessimist might say that we’re six months behind on the treadmill of fashion, but I prefer to think we actually get to see further into the future. Anyway, here at Felt we can provide you with any and all the colour you desire, so one might say we’re timeless. It’s all about perspective, n’est pas?

Spring 2012 colours on Felt

1. Hussy Plate | Trixie Delicious $25  2. Owl Brooch | Needlebot $8.50

3. Wooden Bunting | That Lovely $30  4. Cushion Cover | Mixed Vintage $60

5. Sock Yarn | Happy Go Knitty $38  6. Bird in her Hand | Madi Bleu $40

7. Wrap Mini Jug | The Busy Finch $15  8. Rose Earrings | High Tide $18

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