Felt – the fruits of our labours

Next Monday is Labour Day. To me it’s one of our most important holidays, commemorating as it does the struggle for an eight-hour working day. From this right, so many things are possible.

With my right for an eight hour working day, I have time to rest, be with family and be creative. An exhausted mind finds it all the harder to design, innovate and dream. It is this that Thomas Jefferson means when he talks about employment – not just our paid work, but the workings of our minds.

I often look at the stunning array of creations on Felt and think “Gosh there are some clever people out there.” For some of our sellers, their creations are the the result of a creative mind allowed free reign outside of other jobs. For others, this is their working week.

Here’s to our creative folk; on Felt and everywhere – and raise a glass also this Labour Day to those who freed us to employ our minds.

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