Fabulous Stocking Fillers

It seems a little unfair that all you mums and dads out there have to play Santa and you don’t even get any elves to help you out, so we’ve picked out 50 Fabulous Stocking Fillers to make your job a little easier.

From left to right, top to bottom: 1 Crazy Cool Caterpillars by Pocket of Felt | 2 Pukeko Finger Puppet by My2Monsters | 3 Bright Spotty Building Block Set by Boocraft | 4 Daisy Hair Ties by Cupcake Cuties | 5 Super Mini Fluffy Cuddler – Lily-Lou Moonstar by Zooshii | 6 Bow-licious Hair Barrette by Gotta Have | 7 Prince & Princess Handknitted Finger Puppets by Kazzal Blue | 8 Crowns for Boys and Girls by Itty-bitty | 9 Wool Plush Bunny (set of two) by Stitchery

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