Best of British

Gosh, I seem to have come over all British. With all the late nights watching the London Olympics, I’m dreaming of bunting, tea and summer days (preferably with Chariots of Fire playing on my imaginary gramophone).

Aside from the on-trend decorative possibilities afforded by such solid icons as the monarchy, high tea and the good old Union Jack, British popular imagery also reveals a lighter whimsicality. It’s hard to think of Old Blighty as being overly mired in stodge when it has given us Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, jolly hockey sticks and a parade of spiffily-dressed animals.

Our talented artists and craftspeople here on Felt have embraced this colourful source of inspiration with such enthusiasm that the Anglophile cannot fail to cry “Hurrah!” There may not be lashings of bacon for Timmy, but there’s a topping spread of creative UK-inspired goodies for you to choose from.

Jolly good show, I say!

Best of British

1. Party Tags | Vintage Fifi $12   2. Inner City Living Tote | Super Fab Jess $15

3. Guards Print | Sandy Banner $25   4. Beatrix Potter Bunting | Hanako $23

5. Mr Fox & Friend Pendant | Art Divine $29   6. Tote Bag | Reflectionz $25

7. Cake Stand | Firecracker $65   8. British Bulldog Cushion Cover | 1me $30

9. “Off to School” Painting | Little Ladies $320