And the Best Dressed Packed Lunch Award goes to…


These reusable sandwich wraps and snack bags are not only easy on the eye and the environment, but save you money on the never-ending rolls of lunch paper and cling film that school lunches go through.

Created by Carmen of An Open Book, reusable lunchwear is available in a range of colours and designs – I’m quite taken with the elegant black and white floral design, below left. Carmen has thought of everything when it comes to practicality: the sandwich wraps fasten with a velcro strip, so they can be adjusted to fit a sandwich or roll of just about any size. The snack bags are perfect for crackers, raisins or a bit of home baking, and they fasten with a couple of snaps, easy for little fingers to open.

After use, you just wipe them down or give them a gentle wash in warm soapy water, and voila! all set for the next day. They also come complete with a stylish name plate so they don’t end up in lost property – you can write your child’s name on in permanent marker or include this as a request upon purchase.

And let’s not forget that kids are not the only ones in need of fashionable lunchwear – these work just as well for adults at work too. Packed lunches never looked so good!

Reusable lunchwear is available from An Open Book on Felt.