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Fresh on Felt: Stylish decor, awesome accessories and a sweet wee range for the kids are in the line-up of this week’s fresh new sellers. Take a peek…

designer decor, art and homewares

phatthreadz – stylish macramé home decor pieces
grandpa – stylish hand crafted wooden furniture and decor items
dreamweavers – beautiful woven accessories and homewares

children’s clothing, accessories and toys

thecupboard – lovely quilts, baby blankets, bibs, and bags
tinybeauty – an enchanting miniature world in beautiful beads
foxtots – sweet organic baby wear designed in Nelson

tinybeauty blog

foxtots blog

clothing, jewellery, accessories and skincare

beniya – appealing, cute and creative earrings
hookedon – colourful earrings, crochet items and cold-processed soaps
tiptowfox – elegant silk floral headbands

beniya blog

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