A fresh take for Fresh on Felt!

T I N Y H O U S E - Chalet de plage

Kia ora friends! The time has come to take a new approach to our Fresh on Felt posts, to make it easy for you to browse new shops and discover new favourites at any time.

Our Fresh on Felt blog posts are going to continue in a shorter form, featuring a few highlights from the latest sellers to join Felt, as a reminder to check in and see what else is new. How can you do that, I hear you say? I’m so glad you asked.

With no further ado, please have a browse through the newest shops to open on Felt, on our new Fresh on Felt page!

Browse the newest shops on Felt »

The Clothworks - original textile art landscape

Deco Tassel Earrings by Beadworkx

NZ Made Crayons by Jester Crayons

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