What we look for

Throughout the year, the team at Felt collates gift guides and collections, and selects items and shops to feature in our marketing emails and social media channels. So how do we decide what to feature?

What we’re looking for

Selecting items to feature is as much an art as a science. While there are many other factors at play, there are some standards of presentation that we look for in any item or shop we feature, which greatly increase your chances of selection.

Quality photos
First and foremost, we’re looking for well-lit, well-focused photographs. Even when we know the product is great, the photos have to reflect that. We look for product shots on a simple background, or beautiful lifestyle images. With the four image spaces you have on a Felt listing, you could cover your bases with one or two simple product shots, a lifestyle image (a styled shot that shows the product in context or in use – see the example from R. Fernando Art below), and one or two detail shots – a smart way of highlighting particular features or selling points. Read more about taking great photos »

An example of a beautiful lifestyle image by R.Fernando Art: well-lit, carefully styled and composed, with clear focus on the product.

Detailed descriptions of items and their story
As well as describing the item itself (including dimensions – often forgotten!), give some detail about your techniques, creative process, and inspiration. Part of the value of an item is in its story, so make sure you’re telling that. If we’re going to post about an item, we want to speak knowledgeably about it and have something interesting to say. How to write a great description »

A well-written seller profile
Knowing the story behind a product and its maker can make a big impact on buyers. If we spot a product we might want to feature, we always look at the shop profile to find out more about the maker. If it’s engaging and full of great information, there’s more we can say about the product or shop. Fun fact: that’s how we find makers to interview for our Meet the Maker series.

A well-stocked shop and multiples of items available
A full shop is much more appealing than an empty one, and when we post about a shop or a product, we want people to be able to buy! Keep your shop looking full and active, and if you’ve got more than one of an item, make sure that the quantity on the listing reflects that.

Emma G Potteree: an example of a well-stocked shop

And here’s the thing…

Covering off these factors in the presentation of your shop and listings isn’t actually for Felt’s benefit. Great photos, well-written descriptions, an engaging profile, and a well-stocked shop are the things that sell your product and build your brand.

They provide the substance that makes a complete stranger feel confident about buying your product. They give you a strong foundation for your own marketing through social media, and not only that, but magazine editors, publishers, bloggers, and influencers are looking for these things when creating their content too.

If you’ve got the goods, beautiful things can happen.

So why haven’t you been featured?

When we’re putting together a collection, campaign, or post, we also consider a bunch of other aspects, as well as the merits of the individual items. To achieve the right balance, we take into account things like:

  • Different types of item Choosing a good range of products to appeal to a wide audience
  • Visual appeal Selecting harmonious or complementary colours, textures, and materials
  • Theme or context Fitting in with the overall intention of a collection or campaign
  • Sustainability and environmental impact Prioritising sustainable and eco-friendly materials and processes
  • Price range Making sure each price bracket is adequately filled
  • Types of craft Representing a wide range of skills, techniques, and traditions
  • Location Representing makers from all over New Zealand

There are many excellent items and sellers to choose from, and it can be a challenge to fit everything in in a way that works – whether aesthetically, thematically, or just in terms of space. By providing detailed information about what we’re looking for, we try to give everyone a fair chance to be carefully considered for selection, and represented in the best possible way.

If you have something you’d like us to consider, some news you think we could share, or questions we haven’t covered here, we are always happy to hear from you! Drop us a line »