Time to stock up your shop!

The astute among you will remember in one of our earlier posts this year we talked about timings and the importance of working the calendar to your benefit. Now is one of those times!

Here at Felt HQ we are turning our minds towards Father’s Day and our biggest sales period of the year: Christmas.

Father’s Day this year is on Sunday 1 September, and Felt will be promoting an online gift guide in the preceding weeks via our social media feeds and mailing lists. We will begin selecting items for this gift guide very soon, so now is the time to make sure your shop is up to date with all of your products (including items you could make to order). Be sure to list quantities when you have more than one available, and select ‘auto-relist’ on your listings to be featured for as long as possible.

The Father’s Day Gift Guide will showcase a whole bunch of great gift ideas for guys, so it’s a great time to look at variations to your designs and how you might tailor your products to appeal to men. Think about how you could use different materials, colours, sizes… Men are the single biggest untapped market in NZ for Felt sellers – this could be your chance to capture some of it, and get a head start on your Christmas marketing!

It might seem early but we are starting to plan Felt’s Christmas catalogue, online gift guide, and associated promotions now. There are so many parts to our Christmas promotions and plenty of opportunity to get involved, so now is the time to take stock and fill up your shop! If you’re ready to roll well in advance, you’re giving us the best chance of featuring your work.

Our Christmas promotions this year will be very similar to last year, see the video for more detail on how this works.

If you think there’s something else / more / better that we could be doing, hit reply to my email or leave a comment below.

Happy listing!


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