Ten tips to promote your Felt shop

We all benefit from any promotion that any of us do for our individual Felt shops, so here are our top ten tips to help us all succeed. Be sure to check out the resources you can download or order at felt.co.nz/promote.

1. Use your Felt shop address – yourshop.felt.co.nz

Every Felt shop automatically has an easy to use short-form URL – a web address that directs traffic straight to your shop. Use it!

If your shop name is “telephone” then you automatically have “telephone.felt.co.nz”, so when a customer types this in it directs them straight to your shop. The link at the top of the page will look slightly different when they arrive (felt.co.nz/shop/telephone), but the short-form shop address works every time!

Here are some ideas for how you could use it:

  • ‘Find me on Felt’ cards at markets and shops
  • Email signature
  • Social media pages and images (see below)
  • Your own business cards or flyers

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2. Optimise your social media pages

If you have a Facebook page, Instagram account or anything else that you use to promote your work, make the most of it! Use your Felt shop address wherever you can, and consider paid advertising if it suits your budget!

Every social media platform has a help section dedicated to helping you set these up and do them well, so make the most of that support. Make it easy for customers to jump straight from your posts and images to your Felt shop where they can purchase the items they’ve seen.

  • Include your Felt shop address on your profile page
  • Add a ‘Shop Now’ button linked to your Felt shop
  • Advertise through social media
  • Tag @felt; @iheartfelt; #feltnz #NZmade

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3. Keep your Felt shop up to date

Add new items regularly. A full shop is much more appealing than an empty one, and listing regularly keeps you visible in search and browse pages. Consider listing items as “made to order” if you have items that you could make easily when purchased. Make it easy for customers to find and buy your work.

  • Add items as soon as you make them
  • Share your new listings across social media, linking to your Felt shop
  • Tell the story of your items, the materials, the design.

4. Engage with Felt on social media

Felt has large social media channels full of people who love items just like yours. Tag us, comment on our posts, share our posts, share other makers’ work. The more activity there is the more that other people see it, and the more likely they are to buy (if your Felt shop is linked!).

  • Follow Felt on whatever channels you use
  • Share Felt posts
  • Tag Felt in your posts
  • Comment and tag others

5. Ask your existing customers to help you promote

Often the most supportive people will be your existing happy customers. Consider ways that you can ask them to help you promote your Felt shop – for example, through follow up messages after a purchase or including promotional materials in their delivery. Giving a clear specific call to action can be easy and effective. Ask them to:

  • Share a photo of their purchase and a shout out to your Felt shop
  • Share your social media post online or give a personal review
  • Drop flyers or business cards in their workplace or local café

6. Use Felt promotional cards, flyers, and posters

Felt provides a range of general promotional materials that can also be customised for your shop. Download and print these for yourself, or order from us to get discounted printing rates.

  • Hand out at markets and events, and pop in with purchases
  • Include in posted items, asking for customers to share
  • Display in your workplace or local cafés
  • Share with school, neighbourhood and community groups

7. “Find me on Felt” cards at markets

These cards show up at markets all over the country, and are a great way of reminding local market-goers that they can find you online 24/7. Felt has partnerships with many markets around the country. If you’re a vendor at one of these markets you can also be found in a special online collection, jointly promoted by Felt and the market. See this example from Craft Central in Wellington. Check out Felt promotional materials here »

8. Attend (or organise) Felt Chapter events

Felt Chapters are informal meet ups around the country hosted by people who sell on Felt, and supported and promoted by Felt. Attending Felt Chapters is a great way to:

  • Meet other people interested in making
  • Find supporters, collaborators and solutions to challenges
  • Ask questions and share insights
  • Learn about events and opportunities for makers
  • Get insights into trends and sales from Felt

9. Connect with other sellers and do joint promotions

Many crafts have clubs, groups, guilds, or associations connected to the craft. Find other people who do similar craft to you and consider collective promotions. There are heaps of guilds and associations, and collaborative shops run by small groups of makers. Attending Felt Chapters can be a good way to meet people for this, or find them through the Felt Sellers Facebook group.

10. Be proud of your story

We all have amazing stories to tell – whether it’s about our personal circumstances, the craft we use, why we do it, or anything else. It’s easy to be humble and hide behind our work, when often being proud of our stories and brave enough to tell them can make all the difference between people seeing you and not seeing you.

  • Tell us your story!
  • Take photos of you making and use them online
  • Talk about why you make
  • Reach out to magazines and newspapers (1 response out of 10 is pretty good, so don’t be discouraged!)
  • Leverage your networks. We all know people who know people – make your network work for you!

Those are our top tips for making promotion work for all of us – stay tuned as we go into more detail on each of these over the next couple of weeks. We’d love to hear your success stories, tips, or other thoughts in a comment below!

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