Profile pictures: sharper, simpler, and a shift to square!

This week on Felt, we’ve updated the way that Felt handles your profile. This won’t change anything for you immediately, but you will notice the difference when you edit your profile.

The “edit your profile” page was previously still on our old framework and has now been upgraded to its new format. The key change here is with your profile picture (previously referred to on Felt as your “avatar”), which forms part of your shop branding.

We’ve introduced a new system to upload your profile picture, which includes some simple editing tools. Once you’ve selected your new image, you can crop and rotate it to get the size and orientation of your profile picture just right before saving it.

Where previously your profile picture was displayed at 158 pixels by 75 pixels, the new format is square, and will display at a size appropriate to the device it is being viewed on. To upload a new profile picture, your chosen image now needs to be at least 500 pixels by 500 pixels, and in JPG or PNG format.

This means sharper resolution and better image quality (especially when viewing on devices with retina displays), and a more flexible format for your branding – it will no longer be forced to fit a horizontal orientation.

So, if this is a change you’ve been waiting for, jump in and update your profile picture now!

If you’re not quite ready to make the change, existing profile pictures will continue to display at their original size. The changes will only come into effect when you upload a new profile picture. Eventually the old size will be phased out, so we do encourage you to think about updating soon, but for now Felt will support both sizes.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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