Selling on Felt during COVID-19 Alert Levels

Felt sellers in regions under COVID-19 Alert Level 4 are required to suspend deliveries of non-essential items. For sellers at Alert Level 3, MBIE has approved sending all items, even if your buyer is in an Alert Level 4 region.

Your Felt shop will remain active on Felt unless you choose to put it into holiday mode, but if you receive orders for non-essential items while your region is under Level 4 restrictions, you must suspend shipping until Level 4 restrictions are lifted and you can safely ship items according to the requirements in your region.

Possible delays are clearly communicated to customers throughout the checkout process on Felt, as well as detailed on the Felt home page and noted in any promotion by email or social media.

Items classified as essential under the Government guidelines can be shipped under any Alert Level at the discretion of the seller, by contactless delivery. The Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment provides these guidelines on what products are defined as essential.

What should I do when I receive an order?

We recommend reviewing our COVID-19 Guidelines to ensure you are familiar and confident with what is required to process Felt orders under each Alert Level.

  • Once you have received payment, prepare and package the order for shipping, following the hygiene measures outlined in our COVID-19 Guidelines.
  • If you are in a region under Level 4 restrictions, suspend shipping of non-essential items until restrictions are at Level 3 or lower in your region. We recommend that you set aside a space to keep your orders organised and ready to go as soon as shipping is permitted.
  • Under Level 3, you are permitted to ship all orders using contactless delivery, even if your buyer is in an Alert Level 4 region.
  • Use the tools on your Sales page to keep careful track of orders and payment – just don’t mark any sales as shipped until they’re on their way!
  • Communication is key. Your customers will appreciate hearing from you via Felt messaging about the status of their order.

If you are shipping essential items, please follow the guidelines for contactless delivery provided in our COVID-19 Guidelines.

As a team, we all personally agree that we shouldn’t be putting unnecessary pressure on essential services, or placing people at unnecessary risk. While these measures will be tough for everyone on Felt, we are all in this together and will make the best of the situation as a community.

We will encourage our customers to continue to shop on Felt during this time, supporting local makers and our local economy. We will ensure they have clear expectations and understand that they will not receive non-essential items until restrictions are lifted.

We hope that by taking this approach, Felt can provide you with a platform for continuing sales and support throughout this time.

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed by the current situation. If you do feel that you need a break from your Felt shop, please do what’s best for you and put it into holiday mode.

The Felt team is continuing business as usual from our homes – please reach out to us if you have any questions. We’re here to help as always.

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