Felt is going gangbusters on social media. Catch the wave!

Sales on Felt right now are busier than at Christmas, so there’s a great wave to catch if you’re up for it!

Promoting yourself on social media doesn’t need to be a huge deal with lots of bells and whistles, pages, or a fancy brand. All you need is good photos and good words. Here’s a helpful starter:

“Kia ora everyone, my name is ______ and I’m an   e.g. Painter       based in the beautiful      wherever    with my       e.g. cat/partner/local pīwakawaka Love seeing so many other creative people here, it’s           insert enthusiastic adjective here      !

When making my work I take inspiration from ____________ and select my materials from __________. 

Below are a bunch of pictures of finished work and some still in progress, and you can find all my prices and shipping costs on my felt store yourusername.felt.co.nz.”

It can be as simple as this with a few pictures attached. Then you can copy-paste this description into your Felt shop if you don’t have anything there!

A quick note about your Felt shop address yourusername.felt.co.nz that a lot of sellers don’t understand. If you clink on this link: jason.felt.co.nz two things happen. Firstly it will take you to MY Felt shop (which is currently on holiday). Secondly, you’ll see that the address at the top changes from the easy-to-remember ‘jason.felt.co.nz’ to something that’s a bit uglier and harder to remember. 

When you are promoting your felt shop, ALWAYS use the easy to remember pretty link, which is literally your “username” (that you log into Felt with) followed by “.felt.co.nz”. It looks nice and tidy and it’s waaaay easier for customers to remember than the longer uglier link.

That’s it!

If you have more products to list, remember that the listing process on Felt is now Mobile Friendly, and you can create draft listings too! This means you can snap pics and get them on Felt all in one easy process.

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See the NZ Made Products Facebook Page .

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