Delicious and doable

Crochet Workshop
By Erika Knight · Reviewed by Jess Soutar Barron

There’s something delicious about an object that abides by the rule of form following function BUT ALSO is beautiful and useful. Books that are thoughtfully designed to work in a practical sense, and inspire in a more abstruse one, are precious because they are the reason why the internet cannot take over completely, libraries will not fade away, bookshelves will always be needed.

Crafty Girls’ Road Trip

Crafty Girls’ Road Trip
By Ann Packer · Reviewed by Anne Mortimer

In 2004, my copy of Ann Packer’s Crafty Girls’ Road Trip was well thumbed and had its own permanent place on my dashboard as I travelled the length and breadth of the country. It encouraged many a small diversion and certainly helped me to spend my way around New Zealand, single handedly boosting the economy. The guide proved to be indispensable – wherever we went, the guide went too, as my craft oracle (or crutch).

Craft Inc. – Meg Mateo Ilasco

Craft Inc. – The Ultimate Guide to Turning Your Creative Hobby into a Successful Business
By Meg Mateo Ilasco · Reviewed by Jess Soutar Barron

There’s more to it than simply increasing rates of production. Meg Mateo Ilasco, American, arty, business minded, has penned Craft Inc. – The Ultimate Guide to Turning Your Creative Hobby into a Successful Business. It’s the book to read while you’re making the decision rather than after you’ve quit your 9 to 5 and turned your sun-porch into a studio.

Milly-Molly-Mandy’s Things to Make and Do

Milly-Molly-Mandy’s Things to Make and Do By Sam Hay · Reviewed by Anne Mortimer

Milly-Molly-Mandy’s Things to Make and Do by Sam Hay is illustrated with Joyce Lankester Brisley’s beautiful drawings and excerpts from the Milly-Molly-Mandy stories are scattered throughout the book. I distinctly remember Milly-Molly-Mandy being very busy and creative. Now I have a Little Miss of my own and need to find lots of fun, creative things that she can do. This book provides this and more.

Vintage Craft Workshop – Cathy Callahan

Vintage Craft Workshop: Fresh Takes on 25 Classic Projects
By Cathy Callahan · Reviewed by
Katy McRae

I have to preface this book review with the fact that Cathy Callahan is one of my crafting idols. Her blog is one of my favourites and I stalk her on Facebook. Her collection of retro craft books and magazines is truly awe-inspiring, her passion for ’60s and ’70s craft borders on the fanatical and her sense of style just plain rocks. So when I discovered she had produced a craft book I bought it, pretty much sight unseen.

Fanciful Felties – Samantha Cotterill

Fanciful Felties: Sew People to Meet, Places to Go & Things to Do
By Samantha Cotterill · Reviewed by
Katy McRae

In a world awash with ‘cutesy’ felt animals, Samantha Cotterill’s felt people are a breath of fresh air. In fact they are quite possibly the coolest ‘felties’ on the planet. This woman has a style all her own and man, can she sew! Sam’s a Brit living in Upstate New York with her husband and two young boys. She took a five year break from her painting career to have kids and came back as…

The Truly Terribly Horrible Sweater …That Grandma Knit

The Truly Terribly Horrible Sweater …That Grandma Knit ·
Debbie Macomber & Mary Lou Carney · Pictures by Vincent Nguyen

For his birthday, little Cameron gets a colourful hand knitted sweater from his grandma. Have you ever received a present that was made with love especially for you – and you didn’t like it? When I was a girl, my grandmother gave me huge underpants that were supposed to keep my kidneys warm. With mini skirts en vogue, warm kidneys seemed to be a major worry for my gran.