Featured sellers of 2012: a review

In 2012 we profiled twenty-two Featured Sellers on the Felt blog. All we can say is this: what a fantastic collection of truly talented makers, crafters and artists!



To our Featured Sellers, thank you for taking the time to share your work and your words with us. We look forward to profiling many more of our fabulous Felt community in 2013.


Our Featured Seller profiles for 2012 were: Cranberry Dreams, Bron Alexander, Rochelle Andrews, Hedgehog Art, Dudo Design, Brighton Mine, Emma Makes, Alexandra MacKenzie, Sly Fox Jewellery, Jill Matthew, Shelley D, Zippitydoodah, Ellaquaint, Into the White, Coulter & Coulter, Fireworks, Eiderdowns by Anita, Creative Aertz, Mushymoo, Celia Wilson, Kaye Bustin and Rosalind Craft Supplies.

You guys rock!


3 Responses to “Featured sellers of 2012: a review”

  1. Whalebird says:

    There’s so much incredible talent here in the Felt community !!
    Really looking forward to more great featured seller interviews.
    Have a fantastic year everyone X

  2. I love the featured sellers also – love getting an insight into other artist’s worlds!

  3. Kaye Bustin says:

    It’s great reading about how other crafty folk got into their craft! Inspiring stuff!

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