If it’s quirk you’re after…

…where better to find it than the realms of the handcrafted?

There’s always someone on your Christmas list who’s impossible to find a present for, so we’ve lined up a list of cute and quirky gifts to help you find something a little different.

From the zany to the kitsch and the unique to the left-field, the Felt Christmas Gift Guide has corralled them together into the section which we’ve logically titled Gifts with Quirk Factor.


This twilight-zone of craftiness takes no prisoners and leaves no stone unturned in its mission to boldly go where no split infinitive, sorry, handcrafted showcase has gone before.

Okay, maybe we’re getting just a bit carried away here. Just how quirky can sweet little handcrafts be, right?



Face it, we’ve got a pretty weird and wonderful line up here. Indulge us – it’s Christmas, hey?

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