Recipe for a well-stuffed stocking

For youngsters (and the young at heart) the stocking is one of the most anticipated traditions of Christmas. While usually stuffed with goodies that are small in size and in monetary value, a Christmas stocking packs a big punch in terms of surprise and delight.

Custom dictates that stockings are filled with toys, sweets, fruit or coins (or, for the naughty, a lump of coal). At Felt we have a sackful of traditional and not-so-traditional goodies for a stocking that’s packed with handmade delights.


So, to whip up a superbly stuffed stocking, it pays to start with one capacious item of Christmassy hosiery. Our talented makers have come up with a rainbow of options.

Add your staple ingredients: an orange or a clementine – or you could nip to the dairy for a 50c mixture or sherbert dab – whatever’s traditional in your neck of the woods.

Next, identify your recipient – are they a princess or a pirate (or both!), a fairy or a superhero?

Princesses will be gratified by a floral flavour and pirates will will cackle to discover a hearty handful of crew. Wee fairies and pixies appreciate some colourful decoration and your budding superheroes will save the world all the better if you fold in a healthy helping of superpower.

Finish it off with a sweet decoration or a spicy topping, and leave it to rest overnight – if your recipient can wait that long!

Take a wander though the Felt Christmas Gift Guide’s collection of Fabulous Stocking Fillers – you couldn’t ask for a happier handmade Christmas morning.

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