Gorgeous gifts for guys

Great leaping lords, we have to come up with man-gifts again! Are you stuck on what gift to get a guy for Christmas? Well, here comes the Felt Christmas Gift Guide with its swashbuckling sidekick, the Gifts for Guys guide, to the rescue!

While those big box retailers will try and make you believe that every guy is happy with a barbecue or a power drill, we all know that there’s more to guys than that – isn’t there?

Most of us have fathers or brothers, boyfriends or best friends, husbands or mates to consider when it comes to Christmas. We all know that our guys range from sporty to geeky, academic to arty and everything else in between.

So we at Felt figured we could do much better than a mere powertool or measly griller. We’ve come up with a veritable treasure trove of manly gift ideas to take away those gifts-for-men woes.


When it comes to externalising your Christmas complicated situations, you know you can rely on Felt to sort it. Mate.

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  1. M J Penhey says:

    As a man, I ha/Dislike wearing a tie and would much rather wear a pendant like Eg. a simple shell ,ponamu, bone carving etc. I’ve been looking a long time now for some mother of pearl, are we to far south?

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