Handmade happiness for the culture junkie

Bookworms, wordsmiths, drama enthusiasts, musicians and lovers of all things arty – as anyone with one of these beasties in their lives knows, they can be hard to buy for. If, at Christmas time, you usually end up resorting to book tokens or cold hard cash for your culture junkies, why not go handmade and find them something a bit different this year?

To set you on the happy path of homegrown cultural goodness (and goodies!), we at the Felt Christmas Gift Guide have been musing on everything from the needs and niceties of bibliophiles to the habits and habitats of pop culture-vultures. We’ve got lyrical notebooks (love that Jeff Buckley song!) and noteworthy napkins…

…and that’s just the start. The culmination of our labours is our Gifts for Culture Junkies guide – our aesthetic expression of the cultural zeitgeist in crafty form. (Ooooo posh!)


Merry Christmas, culture junkies all! May you have a unique, handcrafted and authentic Christmas – and an inspirational New Year.

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