Delighting the dedicated follower of fashion

Where do you turn when you need a Christmas present for the most on-trend of your friends? From unique accessories to handmade haute couture, Felt is a goldmine for style leaders and the fashion conscious. If you’ve got a fashionista to buy for this Christmas, you’re already sorted if you’ve found the Felt Christmas Gift Guide‘s Gifts for Fashionistas.

There’ll be no ruffled feathers – in fact, your fashionable swans will be a-swimming with joy – if you give them a beautiful retro swimsuit from Swanwear.

Jack and Flea are sure to please the young and avant-garde amongst us. We’re very taken with this gorgeous parti-coloured, spotted hoodie.

In putting together the Gifts for Fashionistas guide we’ve been really wowed by the stunning range of gorgeous statement pieces produced by our talented makers – this is just a taste of the many treasures we’ve showcased for you.


Finally, we couldn’t go past this beautiful and delicate Japanese paper necklace from Freedom Creative. We think you’d be hard-pressed to find a fashionista out there who doesn’t appreciate a touch of the exotic.

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