How to choose a super secret Santa gift

You know the deal. The office organiser (there’s always one) decrees that this year there shall be gift-giving – and now you need to come up with a present for that random workmate whose name you’ve drawn out of the hat.

Don’t panic! We at Felt can help. Having experienced this scenario, between us, more times than we’d probably care to remember, we’ve come up with a cunning plan to save you from secret Santa banality (and possibly shame).

The first step is to open our wonderful Christmas Gift Guide and turn your attention to our Super Secret Santa section, custom-designed for exactly this emergency. Take deep, calming breaths and peruse the goodies within.


Next, identify the species of workmate you’ve been presented with. There are a number of easily-identified office types. Firstly, there’s that organiser we’ve already mentioned. Then there’s the comedian, the geek, the gossip and the slacker. (Do understand that these species have all been identified only with the greatest affection.) You’ll probably also have a fashionista (hey, we’ve got a whole section for them!) and a charmer, a know-it-all and a newbie. Finally, we couldn’t possibly forget the optimist, the pessimist and (of course!) the boss.

Once you’ve got your work buddy pinned down (figuratively speaking) matching-up a Super Secret Santa gift with them will be a breeze – and just think: you’ll be fighting the good fight to replace re-gifted coffee cups and service-station chocolates with handmade goodies that will bring a real smile to any workmate’s face.

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