Christmas… in the Halloween Zone?

Every year the Christmas paraphenalia seems to arrive earlier and earlier in the shops – and I, like many, am by no means reticent about having an annual moan on the subject. It’s the music more than anything, I think, and the oh-so frenetic version of Christmas to be found in so many retail quarters.

Which is why I’m finding my Felt-flavoured lead up to Christmas this year so much more enjoyable than past experiences. I can sit back, relax and choose the music (yes!) and there is some delightfully off-kilter Christmas humour around here that definitely appeals to me.

Take, for instance, this charming group of… stampeding panicked half-eaten gingerbread men? Hang on, what?

Brought to you by Maisie-Moo, these little guys are sure to bring out the festive spirit in any Christmas cynic. With their nibbled little felt bodies and priceless expressions, you can almost hear their tiny cries of “Nooooo! Save us from the Christmas stocking!”

Ho, ho, ho. You’ll never be able to look at gingerbread the same way again.

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  1. Ria says:

    Thank you for featuring my little gingerbread men. I must admit that it does seem a little early… however 10 of these guys have found new homes already!! :) Ria

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