Spring is in the air!

“Spring is here, Spring is here! Life is skittles and life is beer!” Thus sang Tom Lehrer and, if we ignore the fact that the rest of the song gets rather homicidal towards pigeons, most of us would agree that a little springtime weather lifts the spirits and makes the outdoors suddenly seem a whole lot more appealing than mere days ago.

Up Early - an archival quality art print 7x7 by Sweet William
There’s no doubt Spring has an energising effect, mentally and physically. We start planting our gardens, scouting out lighter, brighter clothes and sometimes we even – gasp! – Spring clean. (Let’s call it Spring domesticity – it somehow sounds less like work!)

The longer warmer days are the perfect time to refresh your home or your wardrobe. There’s lots of springtime imagery to choose from: fresh leaves and fronds, cheerful flowers, chirpy birds and baby animals (awww!). The seasonal colour palate is broad, from fresh new greens and clear blue skies to all the vibrant colours of spring blooms.

So with Spring springing here at Felt, here’s selection of beautiful springtime creations for you to enjoy.

Spring 2012 on Felt showcase

1. Kowhai Leaf Pendant | Hesta $28   2. Woodland Earrings | Whalebird $165

3. Stock Flower Seeds | Eliza Jane $4   4. Butterfly Notebook | Honey Design $6

5. Fantail Brooch | Native Creative $25   6. Little Brown Bunny | Inspiritree $25

7. Peasant Dress | Bella Zahn $48   8. Wool Purse | Pip Squeak $18

9. Vintage Roses Silver Earrings | Koro Accessories $14

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    What a lovely collection – beautifully written up too x

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