Lots of little economies…

“Every dollar you spend can end up being worth much less or much more than a dollar, to you and your chosen community, in a very real way, depending how you spend it. When people realise this, they empower themselves, and make themselves far less vulnerable to big swings in the world and national economies. The more of us do it, the better for our communities, and therefore us. It’s an investment, and it takes a while to grow, because investment is fundamental to living well.”

Whilst researching the effects of spending locally, I found this insightful blog post by Alice Bachini-Smith on society and the economy. I thought it was very nicely expressed and summed up a lot of what Felt is all about, so I wanted to share it with you.

For me, the idea that I can make a difference by how I live my life and spend my money (or choose not to) has literally been a life-changing one. I try to make informed purchasing decisions and if I don’t agree with the ethos of a product or business, I don’t buy into it. I am always interested to hear how other people feel about this.

Do you feel powerful as a consumer? Do your purchases make a statement about how you think the world should be? I’d love to hear your comments.

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  1. Shelley says:

    I absolutly believe in the power of the consumer. I saw this first hand as a young South African living under sanctions – it taught me that consumers can change the world. I was totally awestruck by the apple protesters outside the South African Embassy in London – this had a profound influence on me as a teenager and ever since I have been a very “political” consumer – quite hard sometimes with kids wanting to know why we don’t have a Big Mac for tea!

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