Fresh on Felt

This week brings the first anniversary of the devastating earthquake that inflicted a lot of heartbreak and destruction on our city, and provides a chance for us to reflect on the past year. It has inspired a lighthearted theme for this week’s post – items I wouldn’t mind having around in the event of an earthquake. Who doesn’t love cupcakes? (I have my fingers crossed there is a gluten free offering); decorations that won’t smash if they fall on the floor, and of course a nice warm cuddy blanket.

cconfetti – petal cones for special occasions
kitchen26 – patch work quilts
cupcakerie – delicious cupcakes
helpwillow – soft toys and gift tags
lovebird – precious metal jewellery
sewinspired – clothing and accessories for children
snuggle – gifts for new babies
brookesee – purses and cushions
grandmasgift – sustainable clothing for girls
crofted – hats wallets and decor items
roobit – accessories and clothing for children
bobaeshop – jewellery
simplegrace – jewellery
lolliepop – decorative folded books
oaktreemama – beach and bush treasure bag
mobypro – quirky brooches, fridge magnets and hairclips
aidan – tobaccopouches


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