Craft2.0 – proudly sponsored by Felt

The next Craft2.0 is coming up on 22nd March in Wellington, and this time I’ll be there! If you’re lucky enough to be in Wellington on Easter weekend too, come and say hello.

craft 2.0 flyer

This is going to be a GREAT event! You can check out all the latest information (and a lovely item about Felt) on the Craft2.0 blog. Sellers, find out more about applying for a stall here.

Among the unique and talented crafters showing off their latest and greatest D.I.Y. wares for your handmade-shopping pleasure are:

Art Divine

WHSKR art doll trixie delicious plates artdivine pendant

Are you signed up for Craft2.0 AND the proud proprietor of a Felt shop? Email me at or post a comment below and I’ll add your link here.

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  1. minu says:

    Just signed up! Congratulation! It is an easy to use, user focused (both buyers and sellers) and even awesome looking shop application. Happy to sell on felt! xxx Heike

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