Pull the Wool, Tuesday 13 September, Hastings

Pull the Wool, 6pm, Tuesday 13 September, Hastings
Jess and Jo, the founders of the Fruit Bowl Craft Jam, are holding the mother of all Stitch and Bitch sessions on Tuesday 13 September.

It’s at Opera Kitchen in Hastings, the venue of the hugely successful Craft Jam for Christchurch in March. The very cool doco Handmade Nation will screen at around 6.30 pm and there’ll be knitting, crocheting, felting, stitching and yarning till about 9.30pm.

The good peeps at Opera Kitchen will keep everyone fed and watered. You’ll need a little pocket money for some kai and there’ll be a few crafty goodies to add to the collection. There could even be a special guest appearance by the Haumoana Mens’ Knitting Circle. Bring your sticks, your hooks and any curly conundrums about the Way of the Wool and Jess and Jo will find a spinner or hooker to help you out.

One shiny $2 coin will get you through the door. Take your mum, your nan, your man, your besties, your craft posse, your natty-knitters, your peggy squares – the more the merrier.

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  1. sue whitburn says:

    Hi Gals,
    Want to bring my craft posse, from far flung austrasianippon.Have aussie friend visiting this week only,and gorgeous new Japanese student pal. Shino would love to bring her fabulous origami skills to make many flowers for a wishing tree. I was just telling the girls this morning [now sunday] in our jammies, about tuesday;they were so excited they said ”Can we go, can we go?”…..I’ll ask them….. Bye for now Sue

  2. sue whitburn says:

    Orh….P.S…..the afore posted comment is from Sue Whitburn at freshvintage……Ciao…

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