Slip, a collaborative knit/crochet installation, Chch

Do you knit in your sleep? Are you an incurable crocheter? Do you secretly foster a burning desire to cover Christchurch Square in crocheted flowers? This may interest you.

Imagine yourself crossing Cathedral Square in the depths of winter, when the urban landscape is at its bleakest. In the midst of the concrete, smog and skeletal trees, a small sign of life catches your eye. Just a couple of leaves – a small, innocuous vine clinging to the hard metallic surface of a lamppost.

The next day, as you pass by again, you notice the vine has grown and …is that a bud?

Over the next couple of days as you make your way to work, you see more vines have appeared, sprouting leaves and buds and covering harsh grey surfaces in soft, organic formations. And then, a flower. And then a few more. You think, in the middle of winter, how lovely to have a pretty flower to pin to your coat or decorate your scarf…

As part of the Winter Garden for the Christchurch Arts Festival, I’m co-ordinating a knit and crochet installation in the Square. My challenge is to get as many local knitters and crocheters working on the project as possible, whilst keeping a reasonably low profile to the general public, so that the installation retains an element of surprise.

In keeping with the theme of the Winter Garden, the intention is to create crocheted vines, which “produce” flowers. Over the period of a week, the vines will “grow” to gradually cover an area of the Square. The flowers will be attached to the vines using brooch pins, so they can be “picked” and pinned to a coat or scarf, to brighten up someone’s day.

To get involved in making this garden grow, visit the Crochet Christchurch website or email me, Lucy, at

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