Introducing Briar…

Briar is the newest addition to the Felt team. Working quietly behind the scenes, she is doing several little jobs that are necessary in the day to day running of Felt. She can answer your most basic questions, moderate your photos (thus getting a sneak preview to all the juicy new stuff) and is often lurking around the forum just checking that everyone is playing nicely.

Briar has been making things for a long time. Originally from Vancouver, she completed a Certificate in Craft Design at Southland Polytechnic in 1989, winning an award for “Most Improved Student” as her bad attitude toward small Antipodean towns was replaced by a deep appreciation for access to the (then) most well stocked craft studios in the country.

A generalist by nature, Briar has mainly focused on textiles with detours into, for instance, puppetry and jewellery making. In latter years, her focus has narrowed still further with the creation of rethreads, an underground clothing label specialising in reconstruction and upcycling.

As she is also working on an anthropology degree, restoring a vintage Bedford housebus and eschewing mundane existence to live in tents and caravans as much as humanly possible, we feel fortunate to have pinned her down long enough to tap into her multifarious skills.


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  1. justine says:

    yay for you !!!! i am loving the forum btw – great way to feel connected and share info…
    0x0x0x justine

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