The future of Felt, now in glorious technicolour!

Felt in Post-its

A few weeks back, you may remember I mentioned our ill-fated Felt planning meeting scheduled for 1pm on Tuesday 22 February. I’m happy to report that Rose, Marcel and I rescheduled, restocked our Post-it supply, and things are back on track!

Being crafty people, we like to do things in a hands-on sort of way and we’re pretty pleased with the result. What you’re looking at is a matrix of more than 100 improvements, tweaks, new features and exciting ideas, ranked by complexity and priority and colour-coded by category. Pretty cool, hey? Felt’s future looked so pretty I just had to share it with you.


11 Responses to “The future of Felt, now in glorious technicolour!”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hi guys, looking good, could I add one more post it, or perhaps its there already, would be Brill if the buyers delivery address was stored in the order info on felt, rather than only in the email that is generated by felt. It would be super handy and save time switching between felt and emails. :-) Love your work by the way ;-)

  2. Lucy says:

    Hey Elizabeth – yup, it’s in there on a peach post-it! Thanks for the suggestion though, good to check we’ve got it covered ;)

    Thanks Julia :)

  3. Deidre says:

    So cool! Wouldn’t that picture look fab as postcards. Or on the back of a business card. Or badges. Enough. Go Felt team.

  4. Marjorie Dawson says:

    Now THIS I like to see. Felt in action again – You GO TEAM!!

  5. imba says:

    Ooh now that’s a very very purdy way of doing the planning bits! Love it!

  6. jo says:

    Well done felt! I also have a suggestion for improvement. With the new log-in pop up window, it is vitually impossible to log in on an iphone. The window disapears out of site, and you have to scroll across and down on the iphone to get to it, but then it can take up to 20 tries to let you click to enter information. I only ever use my husband’s iphone on occasion, but I have gotten to the point where I have given up trying to log-in. Whereas, the old log-in form used to work fine.

    cheers, Jo

  7. Silverlight says:

    That is cool. And it must be so satisfying to take a Post-It off when each task is completed, and to see the number of remaining Post-Its dwindling. Thanks for showing us this, Lucy!

  8. Lucy says:

    Good to know Jo, thank you! I’ll add a post-it :D

  9. Bronwen says:

    I would really like a bit more help for sellers on the help page…or perhaps just make it easier to find. I would like more info about what happens when you actually sell something (which has yet to happen for me!) and I also think it would be handy if there was an explanation for withdrawing items: is this free? Can you withdraw and then re-list things repeatedly for free? Does the listing still expire on the same date as it would have originally?

    Thanks guys! Great work,


  10. Lucy says:

    Hi Bronwen, thanks for the feedback – one of those post-its says exactly that: we need to improve the help section! It’s a pretty high priority and will be an ongoing thing, so you should see new sections and more information being added soon.

    Withdrawing items is free and you can withdraw and reinstate things as much as you like. A withdrawn listing does still expire on its original expiry date.

    I hope this helps, and thanks again!

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