Extra Curricular issue 5 – pre-order yours now!

Pre-order your copy of Extra Curricular issue #5 now!

Issue #5 of Extra Curricular is on the press this very moment, and if you order yours on Felt now, it’ll be straight from printer to post office and into your letterbox before you know it. If you’ve got friends in Christchurch, why not order them a copy to brighten up their day?

Extra Curricular is a publication dedicated to showcasing people who do interesting creative projects in their spare time as well as encouraging those who wish they did.

Whether they have a 9–5 job, a fledgling business or a young family, the people profiled in Extra Curricular are connected by their passion for keeping the right side of the brain active in their off-hours. They do it for the love of it – driven by a creative urge, they stay up late and work weekends in order to complete their latest side project.

The Autumn issue has a ceramics featurette including an interview with Golden Ink Collaborative – Abby Seymour from Golden Ink did the beautiful cover illustration. There’s an article about crafters who are ‘mad keen’, a piece on the latest craze to hit Auckland – synchronised swimming, interviews with Spiro Creations, Rose and Sarah from The Bread & Butter Letter and plenty more. You’ll notice a few extras this issue, including a recipe from the Martha Goes Green crew and a tutorial by Melissa from Tiny Happy.

Extra Curricular
is printed in full colour with vegetable based inks on beautiful recycled stock. It’s limited edition, so if you’re collecting, don’t miss issue #5…and if you haven’t given it a whirl yet, it’s high time you did – pre-order yours now!

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