Welcome to shiny new Felt!

The switchover is now complete, and all the shiny new features and enhancements are up and running. Take a look around and check out what’s new, we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll like!

If there’s something on the new site that’s got you flummoxed – something’s not where you expect, or you can’t figure out how to work a new feature – worry not, you’re not alone. From 12pm till 1pm and again from 7pm till 8pm today, we’ll be live on the Felt forum to answer your questions. Take a look here to see if someone else has had the same problem, or post a new topic if you can’t see the answer. There’s a few changes, so chances are you’re not the only one scratching your head.

We’re here to help, and want to make the transition to the new site as smooth as possible. Enjoy!


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  1. Retrofemme says:

    The site looks very polished – well done!!

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