Take a Craft2.0 Workshop and make a bunny happy


This cute little bunny will love you if you give him some carrot – in fact, his heart lights up in joy! You can make your own bunny at the Craft2.0 introductory class in electronic crafting.

Lose the fear! Learn how to incorporate electronics into your craft from 2pm till 4pm on Sunday 7 June at Our City O-Tautahi in Christchurch.

With a basic knowledge of electronics you can add a whole new dimension to your craft projects, but where do you start? And how do you avoid electrocution??

In this simple electronics workshop, Philip shows you how to build a basic circuit and incorporate light into your craft projects, without getting zapped! You’ll learn how to choose components for your project (different options for switches, lights and other elements) and how to put them together. By the end of the workshop you’ll have a happy bunny and the following skills:

• creating a basic electronic circuit
• choosing components for your project
• basic soldering

Each Craft2.0 Workshop costs $60 person, which includes all materials. All equipment is provided. So what are you waiting for? Register online now!

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